Follower fiction is a term utilized to explain any type of type of fiction created by fans, generally with a certain tale in mind. The stories might be set in the exact same universe as the original work, or they might be totally different from it. Follower fiction can take many kinds, from narratives to full books, as well as whatever in between. There is no hard and fast definition of what makes up fan fiction; rather, it is an umbrella term for a variety of different kinds of fiction that fans blog about their preferred stories.

There are a couple of reasons that people would certainly write follower fiction. One factor is that they want to see how the personalities behave in a scenario that differs from what was initially offered in the resource material. One more factor is that they intend to share their very own experiences with a character or setting that they enjoy, as well as they don’t want to wait till the original writer makes a decision to cover it. A third factor is that they wish to discover new possibilities that have not been discovered yet, or that they wish to include more depth to a world that they already love.

Fan fiction writers have a great deal of flexibility in terms of the topic they can make use of. This is because there is no requirement that the tale be based on anything particularly. The only need is that it be fiction. Several fan fiction writers pick to base their tales on something that has been published in the past, such as a television show, film, or comics, however this isn’t needed. Some fan fiction authors select to base the tale on something that hasn’t been released yet, such as a story that is still being created by the original writer. Others choose to base the story on their own creativity, or on a mix of both.

There are a lot of follower fiction authors available. Because fan fiction is so preferred, there are a great deal of sites dedicated to it, and a lot of people that compose fan fiction. One of the most well-known follower fiction website is possibly Wattpad, which has more than 100 million users worldwide. There are also a great deal of fan fiction forums online, and a great deal of individuals publish tales and get feedback on them.

In addition to the Wattpad website, some follower fiction authors release their tales on other sites. These web sites are not as prominent as Wattpad, yet they do obtain a great deal of web traffic. Some follower fiction writers also release their stories on, and several of these stories are popular. If you’re searching for a good place to locate follower fiction, I would certainly advise checking out Wattpad.

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